GINSENG – Rejuvenating Herb


Part used: Root

Energetics: Pungent, bitter, sweet/heating/sweet

VPK= PK + in excess.

Tissues: works on all tissue elements of the body. Systems: Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Nervous and Reproductive. Actions: Tonic, Rejuvenative, Stimulant, Aphrodisiac, Demulcent, Nervine.

Indications: Debility, Old-age, Senility, Fatigue, Emaciation, Impotence & to improve energy. Precautions: Hypertension, Fever, and various inflammatory conditions. Preparation: Milk Decoction, Powder 250 -500 mg.

GINSENG is one of the best Tonic and Rejuvenative herbs promoting growth and revitalization of the body and mind. It works well for vata disorders of tissue-deficiency found in old age. For rejuvenative purpose, when used along with Ashwagandha, an Indian herb, gives good desired results. Chinese, Korean, Bhutan and American ginseng are some of the varieties available today.