Ayurvedic Astrology KAPHA planets

(Jupiter, Venus & Moon)

MOON: Moon governs the water element, the bodily fluids in general and all Kapha system as a whole. It rules over our emotions or feeling nature which is mainly a Kapha activity, as water allows us to be repetitive and to nurture. A strong moon is very good for Native tridosha balancing. Full moon ,Poornima ,Shukla paksha moon is considered very good , Whereas Amavasya moon (new moon) Krishna paksha moon not considered good. Afflictions to the moon impact health especially mental and emotional health status of individual (Mood changes during Females Menstrual cycle)

VENUS: It governs Kapha in a more specific way, particularly through feminine energy, which is Watery in nature. Venus rules reproductive organs, excretory organs like kidney in an individual body. Venus gives beauty, creativity and artistic skills. Venus represents procreation as it is karaka of reproductive organs (Significator of Shukra/Semen containing sperms). Venus gives diseases like Diabetes mellitus type -2, renal pathology and Venereal diseases (STDs & HIV) when afflicted by Nodes or by any means.

JUPITER: It generally represents GROWTH in individual’s life. It creates bulk in the body & so is a Kapha planet. It represents active side of Kapha in our body. It is planet of positive health. Jupiter also governs mental aspect of Kapha, giving a steady and profound intelligence along with emotional sensitivity, calm & faith. Jupiter rules liver, Gallbladder in our body. Jupiter gives diseases of abnormal growth, Gallbladder
stones, Jaundice, Excessive obesity, Carcinomas, when afflicted by any means in a Vedic chart