Prakriti (Nature) Three Gunas

Nature consists of 3 primary qualities called Gunas in Sanskrit. These three inner qualities exist behind all material forms in Nature. Their contribution is essential for the creation of anything in this cosmos.

Underlying idea (Sattva), motivating energy (Rajas) and sustaining inertia (Tamas) are three factors behind the existence of any substance. These three primary qualities, being common to all forms, do not possess a specific form of their own and are known only by their effects. They are called ‘Non Material Substances’ because they have no particular form but still are a kind of substance or principle of objectivity.

The three gunas manifest in human beings in our temperament, constitution and behavior, which reflect either intelligence (Sattva), agitation ( Rajas) or Inertia (Tamas). The gunas determine the quality of our lives and whether we are growing in consciousness (Sattva), expanding in ego (Rajas), or simply stagnating in ignorance (Tamas)

Three Gunas of Nature