SUN in Aquarius (Kumbha) Sign

Aquarius is a humanitarian and Philanthropic sign. All the significance of Aquarius as listed below comes naturally to native with this placement in chart/kundli especially in Lagna.

Natural Aquarian traits:- -Knowledge -Aspirations -Philanthropy -Idealism -Philosophy -Wisdom -Friendship, Sharing -Group relationships -Humanitarianism.

These natives make good teachers and religious leaders. Aquarius ruled by Saturn makes it a humble sign, and these types are concerned about service to benefit the greater good. They always like to take the side of underdogs in life, those who are restrained or oppressed in society. Besides this it is an eccentric and inventive futuristic sign. So these natives are interested in futuristic, completely different new technologies and inventions.. Like the other air signs, in its negative aspect, these natives can suffer a tendency to lose their self conviction and will scatter their energies too much. On a higher plane this sign placement produces good mystics, philosophers and great social servants (political leaders).