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Relationship consultation

This consultation service will answer all your queries regarding relationships.

Reading Focus:

  1. Match Making(2 Charts): Birth horoscopes of both male & female client shall be matched as per Astrological, Psychological & Karmic compatibility. Honest advice shall be given accordingly.
  2. Delayed Marriage: WHY? Basic & practical reason behind delay in getting married shall be discussed in detail with client and all relevant remedies shall be advised in detail.
  3. Post Marital Disputes: Astro-psychological explanation of the fundamental cause of disputes between both partners to be discussed in detail. Behavioural changes that need to be made for a cordial relationship in both partners shall be discussed separately.
  4. Adjustment problem with in-laws: For clients having a trouble in adjustment with in-laws, practical advice as per their own horoscope shall be given. How to achieve the sweet balance in relationships shall be explained using profound Human Psychology principles.
  5. Conception Issues: Troubled by multiple abortions? Couples who are not able to conceive since long shall be given practically working tips on how to maximise their chances of conception after analysing their individual horoscope.
All relevant Astrological, Psychological, Ayurvedic & Practical remedies shall be discussed in detail as per client preference at the end of consultation.
Consultation mode: Telephonic conversation
Duration : 100 minutes
Consultation Fee₹ 3700 / $ US 73
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